Birchill Bed & Breakfast is a family owned and operated business-providing guests with high quality tourist accommodations for over ten years in Liscomb and Spanish Ship Bay. The Eastern Shore is the least developed part of Nova Scotia and its natural beauty remains unspoiled, which makes it a haven for nature lovers alike. Birchill Bed & Breakfast and Guesthouse features two unique properties. The Bed & Breakfast sits atop of Birchill in Liscomb on a beautifully landscaped property surrounded with natural forests. Look closely and you can catch a view of one of the many local still waters. Birchill Cottage's windows get sprayed with the salt water from the Atlantic Ocean as it rests on the shores of Spanish Ship Bay. Spanish Ship Bay is a part of Liscomb Harbor, located on Nova Scotia’s beautiful and pristine Eastern Shore.


5254 Highway #7
Liscomb, Nova Scotia
B0J 2A0

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