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The Mulgrave area includes a drive along Highway 344 off of Highway 16 that overlooks Chedabucto Bay and continues north and then west towards the Straight of Canso and the Canso Causeway. The scenery is outstanding, and there are a few stops you should make along the way.

Our Nature

Port Shoreham Beach.

This is a wonderful place to enjoy beach combing and seabird viewing.

Located 1 km down an access road from Highway 344 is Port Shoreham Beach Provincial Park. It is a sand and cobble beach with picnic tables scattered along the back beach.  Take a moment to relax by the sea on your way to Mulgrave.

Port Shoreham Beach, Guysborough County


Our Culture.

Overlooking the Straight of Canso, Mulgrave offers museums and insights into the local community and the building of the Canso Causeway. Spend time drinking in the spirit of this shoreline community.

Mulgrave Museum

The Mulgrave Museum can be a great first stop, as it is also the local visitor centre. The museum is built in form of a replica to the former Scotia Ferry. The Scotia Ferry was the means to get to Cape Breton before the Canso Causeway was built. The museum and information center are open to the public from late June to early September. There are many interesting displays pertaining to Mulgrave’s rich history such as the building of the Canso Causeway, the fishing industry and much more. They can also give you detailed directions to the Scotia Ferry Look-off.

Scotia Ferry Look-off

The Scotia Ferry Lookoff is a great place from which to view the Strait of Canso and its busy marine activity. The look-off features a walking path with benches and a history of the ferry along the path.

Port Canso Causeway

The Canso Causeway is a 1385 m rock-filled causeway crossing the Straight of Canso connecting Cape Breton Island and mainland Nova Scotia. The causeway opened in 1955 after three years of construction. The straight remains navigable as a result of the Canso Canal, which is located at the eastern end of the causeway. The word “Canso” is believed to be derived from the Mi’kmaq word kamsok, which means “opposite the lofty cliffs.” The causeway is a great birding location, especially when fish are running. Bald Eagles seem to be everywhere when this occurs – usually in August.

Community Events

The Mulgrave area has a number of community events that occur throughout the year. Check in with the Visitor Centre or Municipal Office to learn more.

The Front Porch

39 Loggie Street, Mulgrave
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Mulgrave Swimming Pool

459 Murray Street, Mulgrave
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